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The SMART product line represents a real MODULAR AND INTEGRATED SYSTEM to furnish the most varied environments in an aesthetically attractive and functional way.
The drawer is the basic element around which the entire SMART system develops. The first brick on which to build the most functional and suitable environment for the user's needs.
The MG drawer offers the highest characteristics of sturdiness, smooth running, durability, modularity and space capacity, necessary for professional and qualified use. The drawer can be divided inside through a wide range of accessories that permit heavy-duty and rational use.
The drawer slides on top-quality runners with various size, capacity and extraction options.
The SMART series features runners with total drawer extraction with a capacity of 75 kg per drawer (evenly distributed load).
Around it, a wide range of storage units and workstations develop, complemented by specific items that complete the furnishing proposal.
The SMART line is the ideal product for furnishing work environments such as: WORKSHOPS, INDUSTRIES, study and research environments: LABORATORIES, SCHOOLS and living areas: LOFTS, GARAGES, LIVING ROOMS.
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